What is Kyrios and how does it work?

Kyrios ChMS is the best solution for the management of the Church, with the aim of responding to the specific needs of all the institutions that are part of the Church's ecosystem (Dioceses, Commissions, Departments, Parishes, Movements, Fraternities,…) in terms of internal and external communication and also in terms of process management.

Designed and developed to be used by any institution, from a diocese to a small group of young people.

With a global dimension and capable of interconnecting the entire community of the Church's ecosystem.

How it works?

Kyrios ChMS, is a work tool that works in the cloud. 

To be able to access, you need to have an access account. To obtain an access account, you must first have access to a subscription, if you do not have access you can join a subscription on here

If your institution, parish, group,…, already has access to a subscription, then the Subscription Administrator can create more access, for that see on here how you do it.

After having your login, you can access Kyrios through the address: https://portal.kyrioscloud.com/

Kyrios allows you to have many features in different areas, but all management is centralized in the same place, requiring only one tool and not n tools for the management of your day-to-day. 


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