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Why Kyrios?

Kyrios ChMS is a comprehensive digital platform for the whole church, created to support and collaborate in daily tasks, with computer tools in management, communication and digital development solutions for all entities involved in the Church hierarchy. 

Kyrios Application

Reserve your seat in the Church

In a delicate pandemic situation, Kyrios adapted the software to book / reserve seats in the church, using the mobile application, maintaining the necessary precautions. 

The application on the mobile phone allows the parish priests to know the size of the assembly in the celebrations, in order to prepare the place of worship with the best security conditions 


Kyrios' mission is to support the Church in bridging the gap between its Parishioners. We aim to help the Church to keep up with the rapid digital evolution.

"Portuguese app allows you to reserve a place for masses."
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Portuguese Radio


Manage your parish with Kyrios tools, thus, daily tasks become much simpler in the management of all who collaborate with your parish, parish families, mass intentions, donations. 


The Church's Sacraments have a special place in Kyrios. 

Manage all information and details about baptisms, Confirmations and Weddings. 


At Kyrios ChMS we take special care with catechesis and with all catechists. Catechesis is a fundamental activity of the church and all Christian formation centers can find in Kyrios an engine for its growth and sustainability. 

Simple catechesis management

Register attendance via the App, with access to all the history and information associated with catechizing, including contacts of the associated parents.

What can you benefit from with Kyrios ChMS?

Church website

Simple communication management through website, where you can keep your community informed.


Simplified sacrament management, detailed information on Baptism, Marriage, Ministries and Orders documents.


Simple communication management through newsletter. Keep your parishioners informed.


Simple management in communication via email.

Administrative procedures

Simple management of all secretarial and administrative processes.


Simple accounting management for dioceses, parishes ...


Simple communication management when sending messages.

Mobile Application

Simple management in catechesis, as well as a means of communication regarding information from the Parish such as news, events, Mass times and even reservation of seats in the church and events.

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What makes Kyrios ChMS the best solution for your parish?


Kyrios is the daily trusted solution used by hundreds of parishes


Developed by a solid team with over 15 years of experience working with the Curia to develop solutions for the Curia, Parishes and all church institutions

Looking to the future

We are always evolving and thinking about what we should do to help improve tomorrow's Kyrios


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