About us

We started our journey in 2005

How we started

Kyrios is a product of PeakIT, a software developing company that was created in 2005. PeakIT is from the foundation linked to the church and has got the Archdiocese of Braga as one of the first customers and partners.

How we evolved

Starting 2008, PeakIT started building software to help on the daily activities of the Curia, Parishes, Departments, Priests, and all other entities that are involved on the church hierarchy. Kyrios, as its name, was adopted in 2015, but the product and all its knowledge already started in 2008 with the development of the so-called "Curia Online" that allowed the management of all the administrative service of a Diocese. Later, in 2010, we launched the "Paróquia Online" that made the bridge with the Parishes and allowed all the management of an online parish and connected with the "Curia Online". But in 2015, we redesigned the root product together with the Archdiocese of Braga and it was born with a new name, we call it "Kyrios" with the objective of being the only software that a parish or institution of the Church needs for the management of their daily processes, as well as the management of their communication (internet page and newsletters).

Our mission

Our mission is to equip all Church institutions with technologically advanced, complete and simple tools to use in their daily lives.

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