A solution designed for the Modern Church

An integrated tool that allows you to use the same solution to manage the Curia, Parishes, Institutions, Departments, Movements, Groups,…


A simple and informative dashboard, so that you have the most important information available as soon as you access Kyrios.
With alerts whenever a Parish sends a new process for analysis.


It is in the Archive that we find all the elements that are part of a Diocese
As an example this is where we manage:
- Individual records
- Elements of the clergy - complete management of all clergy data
- Institutions - complete management of all institutional data
- MECs
- Acolytes
- Readers
- Pastoral agents
and also the Mass Intentions


The Curia sacraments have a special place in Kyrios.
Manage all information and details of Baptisms, Marriages and Ministries and Orders.

Administrative and secretarial procedures

Manage all secretarial processes, administrative processes, economic council appointments, provisions, mass intentions and clergy appointments.


Manage your finances in one place:
- Donations
- Receipts
- Advances
- Credits
- Model 25
- Current accounts
– …


Simple management of covenants. Have your treasury documents, with regular periodicity, automatically generated (as is the case of monthly fees).


Complete accounting management, for Dioceses, Parishes,….

Document management

Management and archiving of all your documents.

Web site

Take advantage and have your website available online quickly, performing all management through the same work tool you need for all the processes of your curia / parish / department /….
- Unlimited management access users
- Responsive Design
- Contact form

and much more…

Mobile application

The mobile application of Kyrios ChMS, adapts to your community.
Spread the word and you will see that it will be an asset every day.
- Contents
- News
- Events
- Schedules
- Catechesis management
– …
Available for iOS and Android.


Send newsletters to members and subscribers of your groups, communicating directly for the dissemination of any type of content or event.


You will have at your disposal emails with the identity of your institution (example: [email protected]).

(only available on plans with website)


Do you need listings and reports but Kyrios doesn't have what it needs?
It doesn't matter, create what you need in this powerful module.
You can create listings, tags and more.

App available for Android and iOS

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