One of the suggestions we received to help Parishes to face this new reality originated by the pandemic COVID-19, was the need to manage who will be able to attend Mass, since the Churches will have limited capacity.

So, after thinking about a solution, we started the work and started to provide a new feature in Kyrios that allows:

– Disseminate the calendar of masses from the Kyrios App and the Parish website;

- The Parishioners will be able to register to attend Mass, indicating your contacts and the number of people in your household who will go to Mass (in the first stage, the registration must be registered by the host team). If you do not know how to use the new technologies, you can always contact the Parish and register via phone / in person;

- A host team, after having registered, will select the attendance according to the available places, setting priorities (giving a turn to those who have not yet had the opportunity to assist);

- The subscribers will automatically receive an email to confirm or not your registration;

 - At Kyrios, the host team will have the history available of each registrant in order to better make the decisions;

- Subsequently, the Kyrios app will also have the possibility to validate subscribers using QR code at the entrance to the Parish. Thus, it becomes possible to check in Kyrios if all the subscribers were present and also if there is someone who has not registered and who is trying to enter.

We believe that this feature will be an asset for all our users when starting the face-to-face celebrations.

This feature will be available to all users who have access to the module events (it is available in plans that include internet page and / or App). 

If your Parish uses Kyrios, then you probably already have access to this feature, but if you have any questions please contact us.

Watch the video showing how to use this new feature (

If you don't have access yet, you can join from from here.

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