We know that currently the communication of Institutions and Parishes is still deeply rooted in the traditional style.

But how can we improve this communication?

For information to reach everyone in the best way, using the various means of communication that we have at our fingertips is an asset. We talk, for example, of the social networks, which is currently the most used means, but there are other forms of more personalized and direct communication, which can be directed only to those who want to obtain this information or to those interested in receiving it.


Among these more personalized and direct ways, we have, for example, sending newsletters, which is a personal and direct way of reaching the target audience and it is a kind of newsletter that disseminates relevant content, news and articles with the target audience, with the benefit of being able to address more than one subject of simple and organized way.

However, nowadays, we live in a growing digital age where the use of computers — and especially mobile phones — is increasingly essential and used by practically the entire population. As such, it is essential to reach out to everyone so that they feel integrated and that they are part of the community. But how can we take advantage of this evolution and how can a Parish, a Group of Scouts or an IPSS manage to be present and accompany all this evolution?


With quality and sustainable communication, starting with your Web site.

Did you know that when a person looks for some information or credibility about an organization, institution or community, the first search they do is to find out if they have Web site?

Well, the importance of having a Web site is synonymous with having a citizen card. We are talking about a face that identifies and demonstrates what the organization is, its history, activities and objectives. Remember: it is the most important principle for indirect communication to your audience and community.

As we mentioned above, the use of mobile phones is no longer just for phone calls and SMS, as these devices have evolved in such a way that they have become almost entirely replacements for personal computers — giving rise to smartphones. But how can we take advantage of this evolution?


We answer with a very simple question: does your phone have an application?

It's true: after purchasing a mobile phone, one of the initial steps is the installation of applications, whether social networks, entertainment or even banking applications. If nowadays there is a Web site it's important to have a Web site that is adapted for use in a smartphone and even more. Still, having a Application mobile that gives access to your Parish, Institution, Movement or Group is such an important key for your audience that, without realizing it, you are creating bonds, transmitting confidence, innovation and care by getting your message across in the most accessible way. a whole generation that is increasingly digital.


In short, it is possible to improve communication, get closer to your community, increase awareness with a whole new generation, keeping it current, even more informed and, in fact, evolve the Church so that it meets the community and becomes bring people together, creating points of union and connection.

These are some of the main goals and concerns of the team behind the Kyrios ChMS: to help the Church to be technologically up-to-date, provide the tools to make management and communication possible today and simplify what may seem difficult.

Contact us and we will help you!

At Kyrios ChMS you will find the right tools for your day-to-day activities, such as features for communicating with your community and work groups.

You can count on our offer of Website + Mobile Application + Professional emails + Newsletters free for 30 days and, if you wish to join, the value of joining will be very low, so that everyone can benefit from these essential communication tools for the Church today.