By reading this article you will realize how easy it is to have the Mobile Application (App) and Internet Page constantly updated with all your news.

This feature is available for any Kyrios ChMS subscription, from a Diocese to a catechist who simply wants to share information and content with everyone who might be interested. Using Kyrios, this is so easy that you will never need help again.

First of all, you need to have a valid subscription and with the Internet Page module active, for that and if you are not yet a subscriber, you must subscribe one of the following options:


What should you know to understand the operating logic?

First of all, it is important to understand some concepts of how the various elements that allow the operation of an Internet page in Kyrios are combined.

Thus, in the module of the Internet page we have:

Before we even move on to configuring a website, we must keep in mind the structure we want. In this sense, we must prepare the necessary sections.

You must first access Kyrios ( and use your access data to enter:


The logic of the organization of the content is based on sections.

Sections are a file style, used to classify content. These sections can then be linked to content and menus, so we can create content listings in a very simple and practical way.

By default, a subscription does not have any sections created, so we must create as many sections as we need.

To begin, we must create at least the news and events sections. These will be the sections that will serve to associate all the news to be published on the website and in the app, as well as the events. But you can create many more, for example, at the time of a Parish party it may make sense to create a section that aggregates all the content associated with that party and at that time that section may be highlighted on the page and in the app.

To create a section you must follow the following steps (in this case we will create the news section):

  1. Open the sections by clicking on Internet page -> Sections
  2. Then click  
  3. The creation window will open, where you must fill in the fields:
    1. description - section name;
    2. reference - section name without spaces and without special characters;
    3. At the end click on save.

You should create all the sections you need.

But don't worry, you can create whenever you need.



Now that you have the sections created (you must have at least the news section created), you must perform the main settings of your Internet page / App.

To do this, you must:

  1. Access the website settings found on the Internet page -> Settings:
  2. Here you must fill in the following data:
    1. The Url is responsible: you must put the address without spaces and without special characters that you want for your website. We advise it to be the name of the parish. This name will be associated with the kyrios domain, as an example if you put in this demoonline field the final address will be;
    2. E-mail: the e-mail address will be used to receive the data that can be filled in the contact form on the Internet page;
    3. Sharing content (news / events) on the Kyrios mobile application: you must activate this option so that the Kyrios App can display your website. Having this option active you can tell your community to install the Kyrios App, so that they can set your subscription as default, thus making the App as if it were your App;
    4. Facebook url: if you have one, you must enter the address of your Facebook page here;
    5. Twitter URL: if you have one, you must enter the address of your Twitter page here;
    6. Youtube url: if you have, you should put the address of your Youtube page here;
    7.  Soundcloud Url: if you have one, you must enter the address of your Soundcloud page here;
    8. Main section - news section: you must select the section you have configured to associate the news (if you have not yet created the sections, see how to create them below);
    9. Right Section - Parochial Registry Office Content: Select the content that will present the timetable and information on the service's operation;
    10. Right Section - Eucharist Content: Select the content that will display the Eucharist schedule (if applicable);
    11. Right Section - Confession Content: Select the content that will display the confession schedule (if applicable);
    12. Right Section - Content of Visits to Patients: Select the content that will present the schedule of visits to patients (if applicable);
    13. At the end click on save to save the changes.


At this moment, if you have activated the option “Share contents”, you can now open the Kyrios application and you will find your subscription so that you can mark it as “Next” to follow all the news.

At this moment we are going to create the main menu of the Page and the App. We will access the Internet Page -> Menus:

Now we click on  or in  if we prefer to edit an existing menu.

In this example we will create a new menu, called The institution and within this menu I intend to find some sub-menu items, like this example:

The institution:

To create a new main menu item, I will then click on  and then fill out the form as follows:

The final aspect is this:

We must create the various menu items that are necessary for the Website.

After this step, the Website and App are fully configured and from this moment on, we only need to add content and events. So this is the simple and routine task that any user can do. By the way, did you know that you can create and manage your own users, defining what each one has access to? see how on here.



Whenever you need to introduce a message, news, presentation content, etc ... you must do so in the contents on Internet page -> Contents:

To insert simple content such as content Who we are, the steps and data to complete are as follows:

First click , then fill in the following fields:




The events are similar to the contents and can be managed at in Internet -> Events:

To insert a simple event such as scheduling an appointment catechists meeting, the steps and data to complete are as follows:

First click , then fill in the following fields:



Final aspect

In the end, these contents and events will appear both on the Internet page, with a similar aspect to this (there are several templates available to present the content and we can create custom layouts, if you have any doubts, contact us):

Internet Page - Homepage

Website - Who we are

Website - News

App - choice of subscriptions to follow

App - menu

App - news listing

App - News - Details

App - events


Join Kyrios ChMS now and have your page and app online effortlessly and without delay:

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