The Challenges of the Church in the Information Society Today

Nowadays Society is different from society from 20 years ago.

According to Alvin Toffler:

“The illiterate of the next century are not those who cannot read or write, but those who refuse to learn, relearn, and learn again.”

in: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alvin_Toffler

This shows that it is not enough to know how to read and write, as in the NINETEENTH and TWENTIETH centuries, learning is a constant, we are always evolving.

Already in 1980 Alvin Toffler described the evolution of human society, from the time of the predominance of agricultural activities, through the industrial phase, to the post industrial era and the information age, which is characterized in the following table:


Now, analyzing the following infographic, we realize that we have already moved up a little further and we are in the 5.0 society, with the Internet of things everywhere, where everything begins to be connected globally.


This is the evolution of our society, which means that it is necessary to use the means available to us today so that the Church can communicate in the same way.


Simplification and Dematerialisation

The Simplification and dematerialisation of the processes is fundamental to improve and optimize the day-to-day of the Church.

The Church cannot stay behind in the Information society!

Here are some simple examples of what we do today and what should be done to meet the community of these days:

The Normal The Ideal (suggestion)
Parochial Bulletin on paper delivered to the Church on the day the community goes to Mass;

– Site and App – Make available The Parish Bulletin for online consultation (via website and app), with a few days in advance;

– Social Networks – Publicize the new Newsletter on the social networks of the Parish;

– Newsletter – Publicize The new newsletter in the submission of a weekly newsletter of the Parish, with notices, events, news and the newsletter;

Visits to the parish registry to schedule sessions for organizing processes such as baptism, marriage,… Possibility to make a pre-scheduling with the parish priest so that the time either of the parish priest or of the Paroquians is optimised. This schedule can be via email or via website or app form;
Notices published in the parish Announcement; Publication of various notices on the site and app of the parish;
Events published in the parish Announcement; Publication of various events on the site and app of the parish;
Registration of mass intentions in the Parish Agenda; Publication of the intentions of mass in Kyrios, being shared with the Parish priests and available anywhere at any time;
Organization of matrimony processes with communication with the Curia in paper format; Organization of the processes in Kyrios, being shared with the Curia when they are finalized, streamlining and improving the flow of information between institutions of the Church;
Request the alteration of the personal data of priest directly in the Curia (telephone number, address,…) Through Kyrios It is possible to request the alteration of personal data, simplifying and streamlining these requests;
Provision of accounts of a Parish to the Curia through the manual completion of the model of accountability; Using the Kyrios Accounting module, you can automatically have the account delivery model to deliver to the Curia;
Process Extracts are filled in manually; Kyrios offers all annual process extracts so you can deliver to the Curia without any added work.


These are just a few examples of what is currently taking place and that can be optimised with the use of the right tools, as is the case with Kyrios ChMS.

In The present day we all have more challenges, time is always short and the use of the right tools certainly help to increase productivity and improve the quality of life.


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