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Kyrios has the management solution for the catechesis. Easy & Simple

Start managing the Catechesis of your Christian education center today with Kyrios!

The complete solution for parish managmente. 

Web Portal

Groups of catechesis

Manage all catechetical groups in your Christian education center.

Access to catechists only to their groups

In order to comply with the General Regulation on Data Protection (RGPD), catechists only have access to their groups, and can not consult the information of the groups in which they are not catechists.

Report completed for catechizers

Access to all catechizers' data, including information about your household.


Consultation of the whole history of the Catechesis.

Session Marking

Marking of sessions with summaries and attendance


Management of the transfer process to other centers of Christian education

App Mobile

Kyrios ChMS works seamlessly across all desktops and mobile devices

Responsive design ensures the best experience on any screen. Kyrios ChMS works on any device: - Desktop - Tablet - Smartphone

Professional Support + Secure Information

Support is included. Have support through our support platform, email or phone.

Solid cloud

Access your website and platform every time. The cloud hosts Kyrios ChMS so that it is always available.


The Kyrios ChMS was built to fit any language, so it can be adapted to any diocese from any country very quickly.


Kyrios ChMS backs up automatically so your data is safeguarded.

Start managing the Catechesis of your Christian education center with Kyrios today!

Complete solution for parish management.